Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics

Giving the brand a personality

With over 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Andrew Kerklaan is the go-to expert on the science and health benefits of cannabinoids. We helped the brand establish a voice that leverages his expertise – rooted in his unique founder story, along with brand taglines that drive it home. Doctor designed to help you live an active and healthy life.

Driving the story home

All of the collateral needed a lift to match our new doctor designed story – from the website to email marketing copy, FAQs and product descriptions – and all developed to demystify the topic and educate customers on the benefits of CBD. We also created printed collateral that attracted new wholesale buyers and an updated media kit that drove press coverage in publications such as Forbes, Vogue, Goop, PopSugar, and Oprah.

Creating branded editorial

To educate new and existing customers on the merits and safety of cannabinoids, we created weekly editorial content with corresponding newsletters and social posts. We also developed a video strategy with a scripted video series with Dr. K.

Redesigning product packaging

To guarantee a consistent 360 degree brand experience, we worked with Dr. K to update the product and packaging to ensure that what was on the shelves matched our new messaging. We oversaw a package design update and refreshed box, product and insert copy.