Costco Services

Redefining a business category

There’s more to Costco than what’s in the warehouse, like savings on insurance, travel, auto sales, travel, and more – yet most customers were unaware of these membership benefits. We were brought in to rebrand the Services category and develop a marketing strategy to showcase that, Yes! Costco has that too.

Developing a new marketing approach

We developed a strategic marketing plan to introduce Costco Services as a new category, while staying true to Costco’s strict brand guidelines. Campaign assets included a website landing page, Costco Magazine content, marketing emails, digital and print ads, and in-store kiosks, highlighting all the ways that Costco makes life easier. 

Educating Costco employees

With such a large employee base, it was important that internal teams and in-store associates be well-versed and able to share the benefits of the category. We developed an education plan to train staff on new brand positioning.